Celebration Service

Every Sunday Morning Christians gather to enter Gods presence,singing praises to this great God before entering into worship.Praise and Worship are lead by a team of gifted musicians and vocalist.

Bible School

Bible School-Spirit & Life - Joh6:63. Every Second Saturday afternoon Christians come to receive teaching in the word of God. This are presented by Teacher Andre Rhode whom God has blessed to reveal the hidden truths about the Kingdom. Subjects include: The Body of Christ….Faith….The blessing….The Gifts, Covenant ..ect.. Students receive certificates if they complete the 3 yrs course. .

Usher Ministry

Our ushers ministry meet and greed people on arrival to create a atmosphere where all to enjoy the service and the presence of God. They will assist in many ways showing people to open seats and see to the order in the church.

Welcome Address

✞ Somebody special will take time to welcome all and hand out info cards for first comers,to enable us to keep our visitors informed about our services.

Tithes and Offerings

We make time for this important instruction from the Word of God.We believe that financial prosperity comes from obeying and doing his commands on tithing, giving and seed sowing..

Worship Team

Team will now set the stage and get the atmosphere conducive for the preaching of the word of God with Apostle George Rhode, Past Lakey, Teacher Andre Rhode or any visiting minister.

Soul Winning

Towdah Ministries is a Soul Winning Church *We go after souls.. Partner with us.. *Help us to reach the lost. View some events with Past Gary Simons in Genadenal, Pearly Beach and Caledon. Evang Hendrik Jaars

For any donation or gift in kind feel free to come in contact with us.
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