Who We Are?

Our Vision

To transform the thinking of people about their purpose and destiny in life and the Kingdom of God on earth

Our Mission

The great commission in Math 28:19.To go and impact people.Baptize them  and teaching people the principles what He has commissioned us.

Brief History

  • Towdah Ministries was founded in June 1994 by George&Marina Rhode.

  • Towdah means:To stretch out your hands and thank God for the things He has done and those He still going to do.

  • The Ministry has adopted the slogan:Caring for the poor and Weak-Ps 41:2 .In keeping this statement hundreds of children,destitute families and the homeless have found comfort and restoration through our services.

  • The Senior leadership of TM are the founder George Rhode,assisted by his Board.

  • He was called by God at an early age,when God supernatuarly made His presence visible when a plant in the living room suddenly began to shake at midnite12am while praying.He felt the presence and hear God saying:I called u for ministry.

  • Towdah Ministries™ are affiliated and under the covering with Gary Simons Ministries(GSM).

  • George Rhode received training under the late Evang Nicky vd Westhuisen Bible College in 1986.He also completed his B.th decree in 2005 with Team Impact Universaty under Dr Chacha in the USA.

  • He is also lisenced as a Marriage Officer with the Dept of Home Affairs.

  • Apost George Rhode waited for the commission and timing for God before establishing his ministry.In 1994 he established Towdah Ministries Caledon.In 2010 he planted Towdah Ministries Genadendal.He has travelled across the country preaching the word of God and has seen many people healed,delivered and most importantly gives their lives to Jesus Christ.

  • He was ordained in 2014 as an Apostel for the body of Jesus Christ.

  • In 2010 he planted TM Genadendal and in 2017 Towdah Ministries Peary Beach

  • Towdah Ministries are registered as a NPO 006/628 with the Dept of Social Development and submits every financial year reports.